Red Hot Glass UK

Original fused art glass in the UK.


Each pendant is lovingly created using dichroic glass. The nature of dichroic glass is to change colour as you change direction.

Once fired I handshape the pieces to create a defined edge (or you could opt for a softer edge) and drill a hole at the top for a pinch bail. It then goes back into the kiln for its final firing.

I only ever use sterling silver pinch bails and pendants can be purchased with or without a sterling silver chain. Each is supplied with a handmade paper box.

Koi Carp Fish

My fish collection has been bought by Koi Carp enthusiasts, artists and general collectors. I can create commissions based on photos if you have favourite fish whose image you would like represented. This is the most popular of all my work with pieces, large and small, in private collections throughout the world including Russia, America and Saudi Arabia.


New for summer 2015 these 'sails' are available in an assortment of sizes and can be custom made for your home. They can be curved or flat and come in a variety of styles. Supplied with a small flat base and at least one steel pin you can start off your collection straight away. If you decide to create a flotilla of sails then you would be provided with the pins and you could provide your own wooden base. These are perfect for injecting colour and interest into your home or to conceal an ugly view.


To celebrate the best of all the seasons I have been busy interpreting what Spring means to me.

It makes me think of new beginnings, the anticipation of something better, blossom drifting on a breeze, silver leaves slowly unfurling, mad March Hares.... Everything seems more mystical and magical and heavy with the promise of things to come.

This collection is very different to the others.


I enjoy experimenting and creating items that remind me of the solar system. 'Nebula 1'' is the first in the collection.

These are more organic than the other collections with the main emphasis on capturing the swirl and depth of colour.

Thicker than normal these are very chunky pieces that are designed to let light flood through.


Recent Photos